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I wanted to show a life size female roseate spoonbill flying majestically over the water's edge in her exquisite breeding plumage.  A stunning large etching showing the Roseate Spoonbill life size.  Tampa Bay has the largest nesting population of Spoonbills in the country, so I am fortunate to see them frequently.  Rarely does one get close enough to view this magnificent bird with all these details and colors.

Each etching is meticulously hand-painted with transparent watercolors giving it exceptional color like the actual bird. This etching was created with 4 copper plates, and 12 different inks. The detail is very evident with the etching process and the closer you look the more detail you will see.   This edition is nearly sold out.  

"Roseate Spoonbill in Flight"

  • Technical Art Information:

    Image Size:  44”x 30”

    This etching is hand-made on 4 large copper plates, each plate containing different colors.  In addition to the Rives BFK rag paper used for the etching, the inks and paints employed to create the etching are of the highest quality. Each etching in the edition requires over 2 hours of consistent labor for 3 printers. Two weeks after the ink dries, another full day of hand-coloring is required to finish the piece. Because of all the hand work involved, no two pieces are exactly the same.  The etching has a 2” border of paper around the image with a beautiful, deckled edge.   The edition is nearly sold out.