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The male Magnolia warbler sports a stunning black necklace with black stripes contrasted against the bright yellow throat and chest.  A visual treat when seen in the tree canopies fluttering between branches in the pursuit of insects.  This is a single plate etching emboldened with intense watercolor to capture its true form when seen in the wild.

"Magnolia Carnival"

  • Technical Art Information:

    Image size: 6 ½”x 4 ½” This etching is hand-made on 1 copper plate, using 2 different ink colors. In addition to the Arches rag paper used for the etching, the inks and paints employed to create the etching are of the highest quality. Each etching requires over an hour to paint with transparent watercolors. Because of all the hand work involved, no two pieces are exactly the same. The finished etching has a 1 1/4” border of paper around the image with a beautiful, deckled edge.

  • Framing:

    Archival framing using supreme materials. The wood moulding is custom made with an ebony finish and subtle wood grain. The mat is an archival 8-ply museum rag, and the mounting mat is an archival matt black. The etching is floated to display an elegant, deckled edge of the beautiful rag paper that the etching is printed on. The glass is high quality museum glass to greatly reduce glare and protect the art from fading. The back is sealed with a mounting wire attached and ready to hang.

    Framing price: 95.00

    Total size of frame: 13” x 10 ½”

  • Shipping:

    Art will generally be shipped within 10 days unless otherwise noted. Unframed, the art is shipped flat between several layers of cardboard so when received it will lay flat and pristine. Shipping cost is determined by location.

    It can be shipped framed which again is determined by location or picked up locally. The size permits easy shipping, we use Fed. Ex for our shipping. Occasionally delivery can be arranged if possible. Generally, art will be shipped within 10 days at the latest. If it is longer, customer will be promptly notified.

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