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Now considered to be extinct; the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker was once the largest woodpecker in North America.  Native Americans used their bills as decorations in commerce, on which artifacts have been discovered well outside of the Ivory-Bills inhabitable territory.  This is a quality ink jet print that I have personally proofed, edited, and printed to maintain a high standard.  The paper was selected for quality, detail, and pigment saturation.

"Ivory Billed Woodpeckers" C.E.

  • Technical Art Information:

    It is a small signed and numbered edition of 100 prints.  This is printed on a high quality, 2,800 dots per square inch printer.  As a comparison magazine images are around 3oo DPI.  The paper is high caliber noted for quality, detail, and pigment saturation.  Each piece is extensively proofed and tweaked by me before printing the edition, a commercial printer would never spend that kind of time perfecting the piece.

  • Framing:

    Archival framing using supreme materials. The wood moulding is custom made with a gold/scratch finish.  The top mat is an archival light ivory colored linen to enhance the art. The glass is Conservation Clear to protect the art from ever fading.  It is sealed on the back and a wire is attached for ease of hanging in your home.  

  • Shipping:

    Art will generally be shipped within 10 days unless otherwise noted. Unframed, the art is shipped flat between several layers of cardboard so when received it will lay flat and pristine.

    Framed shipping cost is approximately 35.00 determined by location.

    It can be shipped framed, and an estimate can be emailed after a shipping address is determined. The size permits easy shipping.  Occasionally delivery can be arranged if possible or it can be picked up locally. Generally, art will be shipped within 10 days at the latest. If longer, customer will be promptly notified.

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