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This Great Blue Heron stands nearly 5 feet tall and is the most common heron seen in North America.  This bird is a master hunter seen in wet land areas stalking prey at the water’s edge. This is a quality ink jet print that I have personally proofed, edited, and printed to maintain the high standards that are associated with my art.  Each one is hand-signed.  The paper was selected for quality, detail, and pigment saturation.  

"Great Blue"

  • Technical Art Information:

    This is printed on a high quality, 2,800 dots per square inch printer, and each one is hand-signed.  As a comparison magazine images are around 3oo DPI.  The paper is high caliber noted for quality, detail, and pigment saturation.  Each piece is extensively proofed and tweaked by me before printing the edition, a commercial printer would never spend that kind of time perfecting the piece.

  • Framing: